Hey There, We're The Primal Frames

A Small Clan dedicated to being a welcoming and friendly team for newcomers to Warframe.

We are a GMT Based clan, if you want to join you will have to keep that in mind.

Click the Logo to join the discord, where you can keep in touch with us and get involved with everyone else in the clan!

We are Shadow Clan with the majority of the research done, so if you are in need of anything please do come and take what you need.

Dojo Features

Just a Bit of info abour our dojo and what to expect.

2 Obstacle Courses

Because why not right? plus, one we finally get the ability to make our own courses it means we can (hopefully) have 2 seperate and completely different courses to master!

Clantech Labs with the majority of the research done

If this turns you off the clan, then we're not the clan for you, however if you are ok with helping us grind for that one thing you want then this clan is probably for you!

Lots of Emptiness

While you might think this is bad, it isnt as of a matter of fact, since we are redecorating and rearranging at the moment, we plan to use the halls for building things like gundams and dinosaurs n shit

Hardworking Members

We work a hard as we can to deliver on a friendly and enjoyable experience to what is quite the grindy game, since grinding with friends is always gonna be more fun that grinding alone.